May Minutes

This month Raya Budrevich of Blissful Knits & Dyeworks came to tell us about her style of dyeing yarn and about her designs.  Raya learned to crochet in the Soviet Union as a child.  When she was pregnant with her first child she began knitting to make diaper covers with worsted weight yarns.  Then she started dyeing the yarn.  Raya then learned there was more than worsted weight yarn out there and began dyeing Lace, Fingering and all other yarns and fell in love with dyeing.  She told us about the differences in how she dyed the worsted weight for diaper covers to the new techniques for other types of yarn.  Raya brought samples of some of her patterns.  You can purchase yarn and patterns on her website ( and patterns on Ravelry.  If you put in the code Salem20 you will get 20% off through the end of May.

Next Month Raya  JCBriar will be speaking about Stitch maps. Stitch maps are a new kind of chart, freed from the constraints of a grid, the symbols of a stitch map snuggle together like the stitches of knitted fabric. You get to see the stitches of each row, and how they connect to the stitches of the rows above and below.

April Retreat


Year three of our Spring Retreat was wonderful.  28 ladies enjoyed a sunny weekend at Rockaway Beach.  The food was excellent and so was the shopping.  Both yarn shops gave us discounts and we also had door prizes from vendors. 

March Minutes

This month we had Susan Stambaugh from Abstract Fiber talk to us about her hand-painted yarn and fiber.  Susan opened her company only 6 years ago, she operates from her garage and basement, with three employees to help her.  Susan learned about color when she was quilting.  She actually dyed thread first an then fiber since she loved to spin.  Now we have her awesome yarns as well. 

Susan brought many patterns knit up in her yarns and I think everyone saw something they liked and wanted to make.  This caused the yarn to fly out the door.  I can’t wait to see what you all create.  Some of the patterns I caught the names of were: Brickless-, Jo’s Pride hooded shawl –, Leafwise  –, Drogue –, Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater –, Heartland Shawl –, Morning Surf Scarf –, 28’s Big Sister 77 Shawl (reversible) –, PI Shawl –, Roses in December –, Daybreak and Akimbo by Steven West, Feather Lace shawl and Birch Scarf by Chrissy Gardiner and Arasi by Sara Morris. Sorry ran out of room for all the links.

January Minutes

This month we had Stephonia Fergosi our local artisan dyer.  Stephonia spoke about how to dye yarn. She uses an acid dye method for her yarn dyeing.  We learned about kettle dyed yarns and controlling the coloring in the dyeing process. Her tip to us was that the shorter the sections, the less pooling that will occur.  She also talked about the afterthought heel for socks to get a different look when Knitting a sock with hand painted yarns.  Here is a link to a video for the heel This is a Pattern link to go to on Ravelry 

February’s meeting Our Chiropractor, Colleen McDonough will be coming to speak to us about how to keep our back, hands and arms healthy to keep on knitting. 

Sunday Knitting – We are always at the Broadway Coffeehouse from 1 – 4 each Sunday.  Come join us if you want to knit with friends and/or learn any new techniques.

December Minutes

This month  We unfortunately had to cancel our meeting/potluck due to water pipes that broke at our meeting facility.  Sorry to have missed you all but hope to see you in 2014. 

January’s meeting we will be having Setphania Fregosi of Three Fates Yarns.  She will teach us about yarn dyeing.  This will kick off our theme for 2014 – Yarn Dyeing.  She is going to discuss kettle dyed yarn vs. hand-painted yarn, how yarn pools and how one dyes a skein for pooling on purpose and dyeing a striped skein.  Stephania will be bringing her yarn to sell as well.

November Minutes

This month We held our annual Yarn Swap/Sale.  We had lots of yarn show up for sale.  We also had bags from Kay, stitch markers from Sheryl and cards from Kathy.   These ladies are from the Tigard Knitting Guild.  We thank them for joining us. 

We had lots of fun and I believe everyone went home with some new things.  

December’s meeting is our annual Holiday potluck party.  This will be our first time at our new location and I think it will work out really nice.  First of all you DO NOT have to bring your own place setting.  We will use paper plates but real silverware courtesy of our new home. 

Remember to bring something brunch like to share.  We will have coffee, tea and lemon water to drink. 

Spring Knitting Retreat — there are a few openings for the retreat if anyone was still thinking of joining.  Dates are Thursday, April 10th thru Sunday April 13th

Sunday Knitting – We are always at the Broadway Coffeehouse from 1 – 4 each Sunday.  Come join us if you want to knit with friends and/or learn any new techniques. 

If you haven’t paid for 2014 yet, remember to bring your form and payment to the December meeting.  If mailing it in please use Millstream Knitting Guild, P.O. Box 7762, Salem, OR 97303.

October Minutes

This month we were unable to hear from Colleen, Our Chiropractor but she will be coming in February instead.  We did have time to chat and do show and tell and that is fun to do as well.  It seems we never have time to just hang out together when we have speakers each month.

Cindy had a great idea:  we need to help hook up knitters that want to learn a new technique with someone that can help teach them.  If any of you have a need to learn a certain technique, just email me and I will see who I can find to help you out.

November’s Meeting is our Swap/Sale of anything yarn or knit/crochet/spinning related.  This would be yarn, fiber, bags, books, needles and hooks …..  Bring your things you no longer want and they can go home with someone who will love them.  Make sure you have tags on them before you get here to note what price and who the owner is.  You can arrive by 9:30 to set up at a table. 

We will also have a couple of guest sellers who we met at the Tigard Knitting Guild and she has an inexpensive really neat counter that wraps around your thumb and you can easily click your rows without stopping.  The other gal sells really cute greeting cards with sheep on them.  I also have really nice bags that Kay of the Tigard Guild sews.  She was not able to attend but did give me the bags to sell for her.

Hope to see you all at the meeting to get some geat deals!



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