February Minutes

This Month Colleen McDonough D. C. talked to us regarding ways we can prevent injuries to our hands, elbows, neck and shoulders.  Her talk was very informative and she had some really useful items that we could purchase to improve our posture and hand strength and keep us knitting for many years to come.

She also gave us some exercises to do which only takes a minute but will help to keep our pain to a minimum.  They should be done at least once a hour while knitting.  (Attached to the cover letter)

Next Month – Our speakers are Joy and Martin Dally from Shepherd’s Lane.  They will talk about the history of Teesdale’s and how they became listed as vulnerable.  They will also have yarns of various weights and roving.

January Minutes

This Month we shared old books, patterns and shared information about designers and a little of the history of knitting.  Several of our topics in the coming year will be talking about the history of knitting.

We will also be having a knit along.  The item is a shawl.  If you are using the written pattern you still need the charted pattern.  If using the charted pattern, you do not need the written pattern.  There is a problem with the link through Ravelry but it is being address.  The name is Evolution and it is by Rachael Henry.

December Minutes

We had our annual Holiday Potluck and enjoyed great food and lots time to talk with our knitting friends.  Many yummy foods were brought — thank you all it was delicious.  We did show and tell before sending off the knitted gifts as holiday gifts.  All those that had paid dues this meeting should be sure to come to the January meeting to get your gift as a token of our appreciation.

November Minutes

This Month Bonne Marie Burns brought us a fashion show.  As our lovely models strolled around the room, (thank you ladies) Bonne Marie told us about her start in the design business.  She started working with clothing and tailoring which is what shaped her way of knitwear design.  Bonne Marie was a really good speaker.  It was fun to learn about how she has gone through several changes in the way she designs and constructs the knitted items she writes into patterns.  We all had the opportunity to purchase her great patterns that were printed on nice booklet like card stock.

Next Month will be our Holiday Potluck.  So don’t forget to whip up a little something before you come.  Brunch type items would be best because of the time.  No speaker, just a time to eat, chat and enjoy your fiber friends.  Do bring your knitting and any show and tell.

September Minutes

This month was the Yarn swap/sale – I wasn’t there this month but I heard there was a lot of yarn exchanged.   There was even some yarn for free for charity knitting and that was picked up by Paula and Maggie.  Officers were voted in for 2015.

Su Fennern let me know that there is a new festival just starting up this year.  There is an event that is coming up soon.  If you would share this information with other knitters the organizers would really appreciate it.  This is the first year for this event.

The event is being put on by the Astoria Fiber Arts

Location:  Astoria, OR  on October 10-12, 2014

website:  AstoriaStitchFest.com

Instructors include:  Sivia Harding, Mary Scott Huff, Michele Lee Bernstein, and Laurinda Reddig.

Next Month Ken Howald will be coming to show us the wooden yarn bowls that he makes.  Wooden bowls would be good to travel with since they are less breakable than ceramic ones.

August Minutes

Kelly Forster was the guest speaker. Kelly’s designs can be found at http://www.kisdesigns.etsy.com, http://kellykisdesigns.blogspot.com, on Ralvery or by contacting Kelly at desinsbykis@gmail.com. Kelly is also the store manager for Apples to Oranges in Silverton. Kelly’s designs were amazing, just a few of the items she brought included, Elliptical shawl, Britany hat, sea urchin hat, Alchemy & Roses, Inside out/upside down hat, a collection of very tiny fairies, Rimrock shawl, Half moon rising, and many more.


SEPTEMBER’S MEETING – YARN SWAP. Great time to clean out your stash and swap that yarn that needs a new home.

July Minutes

This was our annual July Potluck for the Knitting Guild heldJuly Picnic 1 in my backyard.







July Picnic 2




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