May 2015 Minutes

This Month Wendy Hanson of Shaggy Bear Farm gave us a very entertaining and informative on ice dyeing and raising rare and primitive fiber animals. She also brought ion many tubs of beautiful yarns which she dyes for our shopping convenience . Wendy is from Scio and while she doesn’t have a website for her yarns, if we contact her and tell you what we are interested in she will email pictures of what she has or visit her booth at Black Sheep in Eugene.

Wendy’s contact information is as follows:

Next Month – The topic next month is Knit your Bit and Knitting WWI and WWII by our very own Shirley Albright.

If you are interested please let us know. We would love to have you join our board now so you can get a feel for the job and we would love your input.

April Minutes

This Month Jung Kang shared with us the pleasures of dyeing your yarn with food safe colors. Her presentation was wonderful light, carefree and full of information on natural dyes such as red onion skins, turmeric, koolaid, and food colors. If anyone has any questions, they can contact Jung on Ravelry under the username “yarnphreak”. Jung also shared some websites about dyeing yarn.;groups/what-a-kool-way-to-dye

Purchase undyed skeins at any of the following

Next Month – Wendy from Shaggy Bear Farms will be talking to us about her dyeing journey and ice dyeing. She will also have some of her dyed yarns available for purchase.

Shirley has decided this is her last year as President. If you are interested please let us know. We would love to have you join our board now so you can get a feel for the job and we would love your input.

The 4th annual Fiber/Knitting retreat will be May 1st-4th. If you didn’t sign up this year and are interested, let Donnaa know we can get you on the list for next year. We will let you know all about it at the next Guild meeting.

March Minutes

This Month Joy Dally from Shepherd’s Lane informed us on the process of repopulating critical sheep such as the Tesswater, Wensleydale and Gotland sheep. It is an amazing process. Joy also brought some yarn, woving and sheep pelts which were amazing to see and handle. Here is a link to their website, if anyone cares to visit them but I suggest you call ahead as they may be making house calls.

Next Month – Jung Kang will be with us to talk about food safe dyeing and also natural ingredients, such as oinions, beets, etc. She will also have some base yarns at a discount so we can try our hand at dyeing.

Love Going To The Coast?

Take a look at the tabs at the top here.  We have added one just for the coastal knitting shops.  So stop in next time you are out at the coast.  Pick up a little something to remind you of your great trip.

February Minutes

This Month Colleen McDonough D. C. talked to us regarding ways we can prevent injuries to our hands, elbows, neck and shoulders.  Her talk was very informative and she had some really useful items that we could purchase to improve our posture and hand strength and keep us knitting for many years to come.

She also gave us some exercises to do which only takes a minute but will help to keep our pain to a minimum.  They should be done at least once a hour while knitting.  (Attached to the cover letter)

Next Month – Our speakers are Joy and Martin Dally from Shepherd’s Lane.  They will talk about the history of Teesdale’s and how they became listed as vulnerable.  They will also have yarns of various weights and roving.

January Minutes

This Month we shared old books, patterns and shared information about designers and a little of the history of knitting.  Several of our topics in the coming year will be talking about the history of knitting.

We will also be having a knit along.  The item is a shawl.  If you are using the written pattern you still need the charted pattern.  If using the charted pattern, you do not need the written pattern.  There is a problem with the link through Ravelry but it is being address.  The name is Evolution and it is by Rachael Henry.

December Minutes

We had our annual Holiday Potluck and enjoyed great food and lots time to talk with our knitting friends.  Many yummy foods were brought — thank you all it was delicious.  We did show and tell before sending off the knitted gifts as holiday gifts.  All those that had paid dues this meeting should be sure to come to the January meeting to get your gift as a token of our appreciation.


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